Share Your Google Calendar With Someone Else


How to Share Your Google Calendar With Someone Else: Google calendar is now a day, one of the most effective applications provided by Google. As this application is linked to Gmail. It automatically linked details of your contacts like birthdays and upcoming events (if they have shared it with you). As Google calendar linked with your Gmail account. It syncs with mail and gives you remainder about upcoming movies show, bill payment dates, and journey ticket details. It almost like a full-time helper with you to manage your life.

Sometimes, we need to share our schedules with others, so that we can make our work sorted and our productivity higher. This is what we can achieve by making things public by making our calendar public. So, without wasting any time let’s see How to Share Your Google Calendar With Someone Else.

Share Your Google Calendar With Someone Else [Step by Step]

Before explaining these step, just want to tell you that sharing of google calendar is possible only in the web browser in a computer. Our Google Calendar Android app does not support this feature.

Go to Google Calendar first and find my calendar option in the main menu at the left side of the interface.

2.Now, place the mouse cursor to three dots near my calendars option.

3.Click on these three dots, one pop-up will appear. Choose “Settings and Sharing” option.

4.Here, you will get “Access Permission” option, where you will see the “Make available to public” check box.

5.Once you checkmark “Make available to public” option, your calendar will no longer be Private anymore. Now, you can share your calendar with another user, contact or anyone in the world.

Now, there are two options for you:

  • Make your calendar available for everyone, you must choose “Get shareable link”. You will be provided with a link, which you can share with anyone. But, it is not recommended to use this option, as even anyone tries to google your name they will also get your calendar details. Which is not a very safe option, as anyone can breach your personal schedules.
  • This option is most suitable for most of the user as you can choose the specific person with whom you want to share your calendar. Click on “Add people” and give the email id of the person, you want to share your calendar.

After clicking on the send button, Google will automatically add your calendar to their account. The Respective user can access your calendar from “Other calendar” section from their account.


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That’s it you have successfully learned How to Share Your Google Calendar With Someone Else but if you still have any questions regarding this tutorial then feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.

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